Accessible to All

Kent UCC is an Accessible to All (A2A) congregation

We make every effort to ensure an extravagant welcome for people of all abilities: 

A2A picture extravagant welcome


  • We are intentional about including persons with physical disabilities in all aspects of our ministry at Kent United Church of Christ.
  • Five handicapped-accessible restrooms are located within our church building, two on the upper level, and three on the lower level.
  • Our building has an elevator that provides access to the parking lot, sanctuary, and fellowship hall.
  • There is wheelchair and walker access from both the front and back parking areas.
  • Deacons and greeters are available to help people get into the building if needed.
  • The sanctuary contains two sections, one on each side of the sanctuary halfway to the front, where pews have been cut out to accommodate persons in wheelchairs.
  • Communion can be served to people in pews.
  • Both parking areas and all sidewalks are cleared of snow and salted in the winter months.
  • The church office can set up rides to church for those who are not able to drive.
    Automatic door openers are available at the doors to the building.

Hearing Aids

  • Audio headsets are available for use during Sunday morning worship.
  • Sound systems in the sanctuary, chapel, and fellowship hall are used with those with hearing impairments in mind.
  • Microphones are required for all people speaking during worship.
  • Closed captioning is used in all videos shown in worship and other educational environments.

Visual Aids

  • Large-print bulletins and hymns are available on Sunday mornings.
  • The pastor and liturgist stand at the pulpit to be seen better during worship.
  • A screen in the sanctuary helps zoom in on particular aspects of worship to be seen better.
  • Large television screens are available for classroom use.
  • Braille signs are available on all room signs throughout the church building.

Senior Empowerment

  • The senior minister and deacons make regular pastoral care calls and visits.
  • Fellowship hour occurs after worship each Sunday; there is easy access from the sanctuary to the fellowship hall, including an elevator.
  • The church office can set up rides to church for those who are not able to drive.
  • Several classes are held at the church during the daytime hours.
  • Adult education classes occur on Sunday morning before worship.
  • YouTube recordings of sermons are available for homebound members.


  • Gluten-free bread is offered at communion.
  • Many efforts are made to provide gluten free, vegetarian, and sugar-free items at church fellowship opportunities.


  • We celebrate Access Sunday each year in worship, inviting persons with disabilities to participate in the service by offering their gifts.

Inclusion Team

  • Our middle school youth group, J-Walkers, serves as our church’s inclusion team.