Community Support Groups

As a church we also serve as a community center. 

We are proud to partner with these community organizations and to provide a space for these important support groups.  Whether you're struggling with addiction or grief or would like to "pray with your body and soul" practicing Qigong, you are welcome here.

UCC Qigong 1

Qigong (Fridays, 10am-11am)

Qigong (chee-gung) is an ancient Chinese method of balancing body, mind and spirit through breathing, gentle movement postures, meditation and visualizations. This practice is related to yoga and tai chi/taiji, but is much easier to perform. Qigong has been used for thousands of years in China to help strengthen and balance the energies and health of the body. You can do this standing or seated. 

We meet most Fridays from 10-11am in our Chapel during the winter, occasionally on Zoom (during Covid), but once we hit 50 deg. F, we like to be outside in the back parking lot of the church. On occasion we meet on Thursday from 10-11am. A weekly e-mail is sent to those interested.

Led by Harold Hight. Please contact him at or call 330-203-5684. Dress for gentle movement. All are welcome! For more information, email Harold by clicking here.