Newcomer Orientations

Newcomer Orientations

Have you felt the mysterious presence of God during worship or another program at the Kent UCC? Has the Holy Spirit moved you through the ministry of our congregation? Whether you’re ready to commit or just considering our congregation as your potential church home, all are welcome at our prospective member orientations. We encourage you to attend a session to learn more about our mission and ministry and make new friends. We’ll gather after worship, when members of our Hospitality and Membership Ministry will take you on a tour of our church building, we’ll enjoy a light lunch together, and you’ll learn what active participation in congregational life and the stewardship of your time, talent and treasure might look like.

The UCC believes in the “priesthood of all believers” which means that all of us do ministry. We are the church. The congregation is the heart of the United Church of Christ; we are a lateral, not a hierarchical, body. Taking the significant step to join our congregation means you become a voting member. For a congregational church, this is important. Every voice matters—including and especially yours!

New members are always received on Pentecost Sunday at the end of May or beginning of June, and on Reformation Sunday at the end of October. We also receive new members upon request at other times of the year.

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Why Become a Member?

In this day and age, some folks question the value of “joining” a church or even the concept of membership in general. You can, of course, worship with us without becoming a member of the church. You are always welcome to participate in any of our programs, classes, or events. But joining a local congregation makes a statement that you have chosen this particular community of faith to be your spiritual home at this time in your life. We will thank God for all the spiritual homes that led you to our church when you stand before the congregation to be received into membership.

Our congregation also promises to walk with you along your journey of discipleship when you join our church. We will pledge that you will not be alone, that we will be with you, accompanying you as you learn, grow, serve, and worship God. And we will invoke that mighty cloud of witnesses, all the generations who have gone before us and join us in an eternal community that stretches beyond time and space. You are joining a community that may have begun long before you were born and will continue long after, if not in this world, then certainly in the heart of God.

Making a Difference

When you join a church, you’re not just on the receiving end, but also on the giving end. You are promising to do more than just show up and use the facilities. Will you hold other people in prayer and in love? Will you make a contribution to the community by volunteering as you are able and financially? And let’s be clear, you are considering doing all of this because somewhere in your journey you sensed there was more to this life than what you see in front of you. You sense—and know—that God is still speaking. You will make a difference and the church will be different because you have joined it.

Adapted from the UCC pamphlet, “So You’re Thinking about Joining the Church” from the United Church of Christ