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As followers of Jesus, we are called to put our faith into action. Serving God by serving others is how we express our faith.

Why We Serve

We believe that wherever there is need, there the church should be. The possibilities for service are many, and there is a place for you to serve with the Kent UCC!

All of our committees and ministries are seeking new members to serve, especially in January when ministry membership traditionally rotates. If you are interested in a particular ministry and would like an invitation to become more involved in the life of the church, please click here and tell us about the opportunities that compel you.

Congregational Ministries

Congregational Ministries

Coffee Hour

Coffee Hour is in VanMeter Fellowship Hall, on our ground floor, immediately following the 10:00 am Sunday worship service. Our coffee hours have become quite legendary, as you often find much more than just coffee is served! This fellowship time provides a space for conversation, meeting new people, and connecting with friends—but it is also an economic justice ministry as we serve Equal Exchange certified fair trade coffee and tea. We are proud to be a part of the UCC Coffee Project with partner Equal Exchange. Our Fellowship Ministry coordinates coffee hours. New volunteers to host are always welcome!

Equal Exchange coffee hour
faith formation

Christian Education Ministry

The Education Ministry is responsible for educational programming in open, affirming, and enlightening ways to families, children, youth, and adults. The Ministry coordinates with professional staff a church school program for children, including VBS; a program of study, fellowship and service for our youth; supporting United Christian Ministries, the ecumenical college-age program at KSU; and adult educational opportunities. This includes selecting the curriculum, recruiting, training and orientation of teachers, and management of supplies and the library. The Ministry coordinates with pastors concerning the annual confirmation program and the middle and high school youth groups, and coordinates the work of the Scouts with the church program.

Fellowship Ministry

Fellowship Ministry

The Fellowship Ministry is responsible for the coordination and planning of fellowship opportunities both in connection to worship services as well as other occasions. The Ministry coordinates holiday decorations and assists members in becoming acquainted with the congregation and involved in church activities.

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Green Team

Green Team

The Green Team is the church’s environmental justice and stewardship ministry. We believe that the climate crisis is the most pressing issue of our time and that we are not only called to do something about it--God is counting on us to do so. God created all there is and called it good, and created us as stewards of this divine creation. Created in the imago dei, the image of God, we ourselves are creative beings—fully equipped to devise creative solutions to complex problems. One of Kent UCC’s contributions to our community and planet is doing just that—caring for all that God has entrusted to us. We are a proud Green Church.

Hospitality & Membership Committee

The Hospitality & Membership Committee attracts, cultivates, integrates, and supports prospective members, new members, and all attendees and members in the full life of the church, ensuring all experience extravagant welcome and radical hospitality at Kent UCC.

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Marketing and Communications

Marketing & Communications Committee

Marketing & Communications works to develop effective communication with both the Kent UCC family and the wider Kent community. Our website, Facebook, YouTube, newspaper advertisements, and brochures and flyers are always an ongoing task of the Marketing committee.

Nominating Ministry

The Nominating Ministry, with input from staff, members of other ministries and the congregation, nominates persons for service on ministries and committees. Spiritual gifts as well as life experience, willingness to serve, and a desire to be an active part of our community of faith are considered. The Ministry nominates persons to be ministry chairs serving on Council with the expectation they will serve in that role for three (3) years.

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Outreach Ministry

Outreach Ministry

The Outreach Ministry assists the church in offering not only ourselves but also our resources for the work of God in our community and in the world. The Ministry initiates and develops outreach programs and concerns for Congregational support and educates the church membership to opportunities for ministry within and beyond the local congregation, involving the membership in such programs. Annually, the Ministry designates outreach programs for funding and establishes funding amounts for distribution throughout the year, to be reported in the annual congregational report.

Social Justice and Advocacy Committee

The Social Justice and Advocacy Committee educates, inspires, and equips our local church body to meet the needs of those suffering from individual and systemic injustice. As people who believe in the social gospel—that Jesus came to liberate the marginalized from injustice and oppression—the social justice committee helps the entire congregation build relationships and partnerships with those in our community and around the world that are doing the work of economic, political, and social justice.

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Worship and the Arts

Worship & the Arts Ministry

Our intention at Kent UCC is for every worship experience to be meaningful and memorable. The Worship & the Arts Ministry encourages and helps plan the use of music, visual, spoken and movement arts in the celebration of our faith through weekly worship, education, and special programming. The Ministry is both assisted by and provides assistance to the ministerial staff, director of music and other performance directors, and coordinates greeters, ushers and liturgical readers for worship services and special events.

Resource Ministries

Endowment Ministry

The Endowment Fund is an independent income-generating fund created in 1975. Legacies and gifts specifically directed to the Endowment Fund are under the care of and managed by the Endowment Trustees, consistent with the Endowment Fund by-laws. To make an unrestricted or designated gift to our Endowment Fund, please contact our Financial Administrator.

Finance Ministry

The Finance Ministry assures we are using our resources wisely. They oversee our annual budget and hold the Council and congregation accountable to our budget, which we understand to be a theological and moral document just as it is a financial document.

Personnel Ministry

With input from relevant sources, the Personnel Ministry helps to identify, develop, maintain, and support a professional, effective and motivated staff.  Working with lay leadership and the entire congregation, the Personnel Committee facilitates the ministry partnership with staff and reviews annually all staff position descriptions and personnel policies. Notably, the Personnel Ministry also ensures the adherence of our "Safe Church" policies.

Property Ministry

Property Ministry

We are blessed to have an attractive and functional facility, and we are proud to be able to share it with other organizations. As a church, we serve the entire community by opening our doors as a community center.  The Property Ministry is responsible for overseeing the material assets of the church: building, equipment, and real estate.

Stewardship Ministry

The Stewardship Ministry encourages a culture of generosity at Kent UCC. They guide the congregation in exploring what it means to live as children of God by offering ourselves and our resources to fulfill God’s mission and ministry. In addition to the larger task of helping the congregation to be faithful stewards, the ministry directs the annual stewardship campaign.

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